CASPAF : The Chinese American Scholars & Professionals Association of Florida
March 1
March 1, 2019

Dear CASPAF Officers, Directors, and Friends,

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year of Boar! Although it is a bit late to greeting to you all, but my heart always kept in thinking of you especially in the Chinese most celebrated festival.

Over the last couple of years, CASPAF was not host our annual conference and other activity since 2016. I want to apologize for the lack of activity. As you were remember, in the very last Board of Directors meeting, while my term of presidency terminated then, I was asked to maintain the position to keep our organization legally formed. During this period, we have successfully obtained 501C3 IRS Tax Status for our newly formed CASPAF Foundation. Thanks to our director Rachel Siu, she helped us to keep our tax return in shape and properly reported. It is the time we need to reconsider our organization future, new president to be elected, and how to better serve our members and friends in common.

Last year in summer, Science and Technology Director Tiffany Yu of Houston TECO suggested us to have our annual conference in conjunction to the Satellite Launch of FOREMOST 7 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. I have been working with her in such proposal and budgetary estimation. Nevertheless, the Launch date kept slipping and she has new assignment back in the center office in Taiwan. Our organization now is in care of TECRO in Washington DC. The Director of the office has persuade our annual conference and agreed with financial assistance. I have submitted our proposal and budgetary estimation with the date of March 15, 2019. Since the Launch date is still not determined, with Science and Technology Administration in Taiwan recommend to move to the conference date to May 31, until June 1, 2019. The guest speaker list are suggest guests for the program. They are not being invited, but I will work into this invitation once this conference is approved and set to go.

It is a noble program to have with CASPAF, but I am getting single handed and lost energy due to my advanced age, I am not longer capable to host this event without your help. I would like to solicit your comments and suggestions as for our CASPAF future. I am attached my submitted proposal and budget estimation for your review. All the guest speakers are listed as potential guests that can be reached and requested, but not been pursued. Since the proposal is still in process and consideration, I have no idea how much will be granted. If Board of Directors are in favor of this program, we need to act fast to meet the deadline. Please be advice!

Recently, many of our members received several e-mail about charging of membership fee invoice through their financial institution. I have requested our Website consultant, Mr. Albert Yang to investigate this issue. It was determined that that is a Hoax, and try to phish you to reply in their link and steal your personal identity. We recommend you not to reply any of such e-mail.

As for our financial situation, I was unable to withdraw any fund from our investment account due to lack of original account holder signature. I don't even know who the original account holder were. Our account still maintains at above $3,000.00 level. We do not pay any check maintenance fee. Our expenses in the past two years were annual corporation report, network maintenance, and tax filing. After 2019 regular expenses, we will fall short of $3,000.00 and facing check maintenance fee of $17.00 or more per month.

As for the future of this organization, I ask your help and wisdom to determine CASPAF existence.

I will be in travel out of town for a business trip starting 3/7 and will be back on 3/18/2019. Hope to hear you soon and have decision for the future of CASPAF.

Truly yours,

David Muh
David Muh Ph.D. (穆椿榮)
Chinese American Scholars and Professionals Association of Florida (CASPAF)
(321) 795-9292