CASPAF : The Chinese American Scholars & Professionals Association of Florida
CASPAF Conference 2016

September 10, 2016

Greetings! First of all, I would like to express of my appreciation to all of you that you have given me tremendous support for our activities. And also pardon me for not having to have communiques often enough to all of you reporting our business activities. Nevertheless, many of you gave me suggestions and directions to conduct CASPAF business. With your support, I have confidence that we can successfully accomplish our organization business. I thank you very much!

We are very happy to announce to you all that we just received a report from Department of the Treasury that grant us the exemption from income tax under Internal Revenue Service code (IRC) Section 501C3 to CASPAF Foundation Inc. We originally received this status in February, 2015, however due to the technicality; we were revoked from the status. Within a short period of time, we have regained such status that will enable us to provide many of scholarly related activities. That is truly wonderful news.

Last year we have successfully held 26th CASPAF annual Technology and Culture Conference with theme of "Pharmaceutical Development, Technology and Preventive Health Care Strategies 醫藥的發展和技術與衛生預防戰略". We had invited Dr. Jane Hsiao 許照惠博士 as our keynote speaker. She provided us many research and development experiences to share and encouragement. Dr. Paul Hsu 徐紹欽博士 also delivered his personal experience of his success in business and showed us a role model to follow. In addition, our guest speakers, Mr. Mike Li 李作斌先生, Dr. Chi-Deu Chang 張紀德博士, Dr. Robert Hsu 徐紹熾博士 Dr. William Chen 陳偉博士, Dr. Puxiao Cen 岑瀑嘯醫師, and Dr. Stephanie Muh 穆容平醫師 addressed their expertise in their medical field to share. For the first time, we have learnt the procedure of testing of newly developed medicine before it become available for patient prescription. Regardless to say, we also leant many treatment of human body illness symptom. We thank them for their wonderful speeches. We also appreciated many of our dear friends and organization such as Wells Fargo Advisory, and Florida High Tech Corridor and many others, for their financial support and assistance to make this conference happening.

Now it is my duty to present to you of our progress of this year 27th CASPAF annual Technology and Culture Conference. We have decided to have the conference theme as "The Impact of 21st Century Science and Technology on the Human Beings 21世紀科技對人類的影響" Our dear friend and longtime supporter, Dr. Anthony Catanese, Emeritus President of Florida Institute of Technology will be our keynote speaker. We also have a very strong lineup of guest speakers to deliver us their expertise and technical point view to share; Dr. John Hsing 邢長城博士of Satellite Communication Expert, Dr. Tiauw Go of Aerospace Engineering researcher, Ms. Lu Li 李璐女士, fellow of Actuary Science, Dr. Shin Tson Wu 吳詩聰博士of LCD forerunner, Dr. Guifang Li 李桂芳博士, Laser Communication researcher, and Dr. Chia Yuan Yu of Urban Planning scholar as name a few. Our annual conference will be very exciting and educational event that will benefit all of our members and participants.

Best Regards,

David Muh 穆椿榮, Ph.D.
Chinese American Scholars and Professionals Association of Florida