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CASPAF Business Meeting and Strategic Planning Session’s Meeting Minutes

CASPAF Business Meeting and Strategic Planning Session's Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2009
9:00 am-12:00 PM
Room Fantasia D-F,
Disney's Contemporary Resort

Meeting Called By

C. T. Hsu, Tanner Liu, and Lung-Ji Chang

Type Of Meeting

Face to face

Name of Meeting Facilitator

Tanner Liu


T. S. Wu

List Of Attendees

Tanner Liu, Albert Yang, T. S. Wu, Nian She, Carol Burnett, Ben Chen, Ching Guey, William Chen, C. T. Hsu , Maria Lian, Yuesha "Sha Sha" Chen, Susan Chen, Peggy Hsieh, Y. Ping Hsieh, David Kung, Sam Hsu, and May Chang.


Introduction - Tanner Liu

  • Reviewed 20 years of the Organization history

  • Thanks to C. T. Hsu for bringing the Association to the main stream.

  • Proposed to recruit new members and retain the existing members.

  • Added 4 vice presidents (Yuesha "Sha Sha" Chen, Puxiao Cen, Carol Burnett, and Lung-Ji Chang)

  • Announced the new secretary and chief newsletter editor (Wan-Yu Chao)

  • Proposed to publish quarterly newsletter.

  • Proposed to hold the quarterly board meeting in Orlando.

Treasurer Report - William Chen

  • Bank Balance as 07/31/2008:                   $ 8,753.61

  • Expenses not including Annual Conference: $ 7,360.89

  • Bank Balance as 08/31/2009:                   $ 2,776.90

  • Mutual Funds as 09/08/2009:                   $33,213.98

  • Annual conference expense and incomes will be provided by Valencia Community College later.

  • It is necessary to re-evaluate the existing way of keep the mutual funds.

Past-President Report - C. T. Hsu

  • Felt relief after 18 months of efforts to bring the Association to the main stream.

  • Update the By-Laws.

  • Set up web site. (Thanks to Sam Hsu and Albert Yang)

  • Invited David Ho and Steven Chiang as the leading speakers and received the commitment one year ago.

  • Formed a team to focus on "From Innovation to Entrepreneurship" program.

  • Had world class entertainment in the Awards Gala and Celebration Dinner. (Thanks to Wendy Chen).

  • Hosted the first "Taiwan-Florida High Education Conference".

  • Everyone enjoyed Walt Disney World's famous hospitality.

General Committee Report - Tanner Liu

  • Suggested to combine the tellers committee and the election or nominate committee.

Web Committee Report - Sam Hsu

  • The Association has a fully functional website.

  • Albert Yang's efforts should be recognized.

  • The website will provide two different accesses between the public and the members.

Membership Committee Report - C. T. Hsu for Lee Chow

  • Has received over100 paid members and still many people are interested in joining the Association.

Program Committee -

  • Suggested to put the available presentation files in the Association's website.

Quarterly Newsletter - Tanner Liu

  • The Association will encourage and support the exchange and social activities among members locally. The Vice-Presidents, President, and President-elect will coordinate these social activities; e.g. potluck, playing sports, watching sports, workshops to promote healthy living/lifestyles, etc.

  • Will publish one Member highlighted each newsletter

  • Proposed to recruit 50 members.

  • Will do the best to retain the existing members.

2011 Annual Conference - T. S. Wu and Nian She

  • Proposed to team the Association with American Society of Civil Engineers for 2011 annual conference.

  • Proposed to team the Association with Chinese American Water Resources Association to invite people from China and Taiwan directly to attend 2011 annual conference.

Nonprofit 501(C)3 Organization

  • Proposed to set up some scholarships for the young generation.

  • The scholarship match funds are 100% to team the Association with the community college and 50% to team the Association with the university in Florida.

  • The Association can accept the grant from National Science Council through Valencia Community College.

  • The Organization should develop an available "Fact Sheet"

  • Form a 5-member (Rachel Siu, Sha Sha Chen, Ben Chen, Lee Chow, and C. T. Hsu) committee to process and evaluate the Nonprofit 501(C)3 status for the Association.


  • Sam Hsu suggested to bring education or/and energy as the themes for the coming annual conference after we hosted the theme of health care this year.  These 3 themes were President Obama's top three campaign goals of change.

  • Peggy Hsieh suggested providing some financial supports for some students to attend the annual conference.

  • The Association will refund $125 student registration to Mr. Sheng-Feng Yen.